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What is the real lesbian flag ?

What is the real lesbian flag ?

lesbian flag

The lesbian flag is a symbol of the lesbian community. Having several changes in its design since its creation in 1999 by graphic designer Sean Campbell.

Let’s find out together what is the real lesbian flag (the first one that was created)

What is the Labrys Lesbian Pride Flag and what does it mean ?

Labrys Lesbian Pride Flag

This flag was designed in 1999 by Sean Campbell for the lesbian community, but has not been widely adopted. Part of the reason could be that the flag was designed by a gay man and not a lesbian. 

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Some transphobic camps have attempted to claim labrys as a symbol of their campaigns, but the origins of this pride flag were never grounded in transphobia. 

it is currently depicted as having 5 colored horizontal stripes.

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Each color of the lesbian flag has a significant meaning (which we will cover later in this article). Although there is no “official” lesbian flag, you will see one of the most commonly used lesbian flag designs below, along with many other lesbian pride flag designs over the years. .

  • The labrys  is a mythical weapon used by the Amazons, which has been adopted by feminists since the 70s as a symbol of empowerment 
  • The black inverted triangle  recalls the days when the Nazis captured gay women and labeled them with black triangles for being ‘asocial’ 
  • The purple bottom  was associated with lesbians due to Sappho’s poetry 

Other lesbian flags

What is the real lesbian flag ?

Lesbian flag

Lesbian Flag 90×150
Lesbian Flag 90×150

History of the Lesbian Flag

As mentioned earlier, the lesbian pride flag was first introduced in 1999 by Sean Campbell and had what is called “The Labrys Design”. The labrys is the double ax Zeus uses to summon storms. This double ax is clearly visible inside the black triangle of the original lesbian flag.

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The Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag design, introduced in 2010, represents “gay women who have a more feminine gender expression”, hence the large lipstick imprint in the upper left corner of the design.

The orange-pink lesbian pride flag, which is modeled after the pink seven-stripe flag (i.e. the lipstick lesbian pride flag without the lipstick kiss design), has was introduced in 2018 by blogger Emily Gwen on Tumblr.

The Gay Pride flag with the double Venus symbol is a very creative take on the original rainbow flag, but with added lesbian representation. Although not as commonly used as the other lesbian flags in this article, it is still used from time to time.

As you can see there have been several very distinct designs of the lesbian flag since 1999. While the original Labrys Lesbian Pride flag has a very different aesthetic to its successors, the timeless design of the original is still often used . as a symbol of the lesbian community to this day.

Now you know the real lesbian flag



Pride flags

Pride flags
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bijoux lgbt


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