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How do you know if you are queer ?

How do you know if you are queer ?

How do you know if you are queer ? Queer is a word that describes sexual and gender identities other than straight and  cisgender  . Lesbian , gay, bisexual, and transgender people can all identify with the word queer . 

Queer is sometimes used to express that sexuality and gender can be complicated, change over time, and may not fit perfectly with either identity, such as male or female, gay or straight .   


How do you know if you are queer ?

What does the term queer mean ?

L – “queer” was used (and sometimes still is) used to demean or disrespect LGBT people . But increasingly, people use the word with pride to identify themselves. So don’t call someone “fag” unless you know they’re okay with it. The best thing to do is to ask which labels people prefer.

The definition of Queer is “different”. Nowadays, however, it is generally used to describe an LGBT+ member.https://giphy.com/embed/cyQXvx6OoSDTjukfLJ


If a person is queer, it either means they are not heterosexual or they do not conform to the gender binary. Some people may choose to label their sexuality as simply “queer” if they do not wish to use a more specific label.

Technically, that means this :

1) An umbrella term sometimes used by LGBTQIA + people to refer to the entire LGBT community . 

2) An alternative that some people use to “queer” the idea of ​​labels and categories such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, etc. Similar to the concept of genderqueer. It is important to note that the word queer is an internal group term and a word that may be considered offensive to some people, depending on their generation, location and relationship to the word. Personally, I think it’s important to ask someone what they mean by queer if they identify as queer to make sure you don’t misunderstand them.

queer synonym

age sex

Conception of sexual diversity by which an individual refuses a permanent (or firm) categorization or labeling of his sexual orientation or his sentimental attractions, without being a libertine.

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queer flag
The queer flag

Allosexual , also known as  Zedsexual , refers to those outside of the asexual spectrum. In other words, it describes a person who regularly experiences sexual attraction to others.

But it does not necessarily refer to a sexual identity per se. It is an umbrella term created by the a-spec community to describe anyone who is not asexual, similar to how transgender people use the term cisgender to refer to someone who is not transgender.

The romantic equivalent of queer is alloromantic.


Queer-platonic relationship  : a relationship that does not fit into the friendship/romance dichotomy. It’s a non-romantic relationship while being outside the traditional friendly framework

Asexuality  : total or partial absence of sexual attraction.

Aromanticism  : total or partial absence of romantic attraction.

Queer flag 90×150

So… which orientations are not queer ?

The definition of queer can vary, so it’s a bit difficult to determine who  isn’t  queer. Sexuality being a spectrum, this makes the use of the term polarizing for bisexual and heteroflexible people. Generally, a person who is heterosexual, heteroromantic, cisgender, and monogamous is not considered queer  , but there is an exception.

Queer LGBT

Small summary

How do you know if you are queer?

you can therefore define yourself as being queer if you are non-binary, queer, queer, lesbian , gay, bisexual or transgender .

in other words, the word QUEER can be summed up as not adhering to the binarity of genders and sexualities (feminine vs. masculine; heterosexuality vs. homosexuality)

define themselves outside the traditional categories of gender and sexual orientation, or; – refuse to be labeled based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.


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How do you know if you are queer



Pride flags

Pride flags
drapeaux lgbt


bijoux lgbt
bijoux lgbt


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