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LGBT NFT and crypto: When NFTs and crypto fight for LGBT rights

LGBT NFT and crypto: When NFTs and crypto fight for LGBT rights

Generative NFT projects

LGBT nft and crypto Several generative NFT projects that celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion.

Another inaugural generative NFT project is Women Tribe, whose mission is to help women and all people embrace their inner divinity and power. Izzy, founder and artist of Women Tribe.

There’s also BitBaddies, which focuses on female beauty, empowerment and alliance with the LGBTQIA+ community.  We also received support in 2021 from Uncanny Unicorns, a family-focused collection focused on family, community, and acceptance, and @EATOSHINAKAMOTO, who created an LGBT crypto token and NFT project.

A more recent donation came from HunnysNFT’s NFT Queens collection, which spotlights 80 women and artists from diverse genres and supports numerous causes, including OutRight. Founder Stacy shared, “We love supporting all types of charities and especially bridging the gap between women and non-binary people in this space! 

NFT Artists and Collectors

The world of cryptocurrency has also connected with many 1/1 NFT artists and collectors who have partnered up. A common theme for many of our partners is self-acceptance and self-love, which is essential as many LGBTIQ people have historically been shunned, abused and even demonized by family, friends, faith communities, representatives government, etc. Lori Grace Bailey, photographer, curator and host of the web3 space, is dedicated to this very mission of radical acceptance –

Additionally, several notable NFT artists and collectors have stood up and spoken out against homophobia and transphobia in the Web3 space. XCOPY, a pioneering crypto artist based in London, has established a “Grifter Fund” which has contributed to various causes, including LGBTIQ rights. Other philanthropic artists have also contributed to the Grifter Fund, including Antonius Oki (Foodmasku). NFT investor and founder of Rug Radio Farokh recently donated some of the proceeds from the fuckhomophobia.eth campaign to OutRight. And web3 art dealer and World of Women Royalty Club collector Divine Femininity has also made a generous donation to help OutRight fight systemic discrimination and abuse against the LGBTQI+ communityin the world and to work towards our goal that one day, human rights will be universally accepted and respected. 

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artists from Women of Crypto Art, and several other 1/1 artists through DoinGud, a platform that brings together artists, collectors, and causes for social change; and by Art Blocks, a revolutionary generative art platform.

lgbt nft and crypto

lgbt nft and crypto

Relief efforts in Ukraine

NFTs and cryptocurrency have even been instrumental in the initiative to support LGBTIQ+ people affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Several cryptocurrency partners have contributed to our Ukraine Relief Fund, which has raised over $1.5 million to support local partners on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries! Our biggest crypto donation to date has come from Ukraine DAO, a project organized by Pussy Riot, Trippy Labs, PleasrDAO and others to support Ukrainians suffering from war.

Ukraine’s other humanitarian partners include:

  • RELI3F – a web3 initiative with renowned artists and collectors curated by Andrew Wang, Satvik Sethi and many others dedicated to humanitarian relief.  
  • Tezos Artists for Ukraine – a collaboration of hundreds of artists and collectors on the Tezos blockchain to help OutRight and several other charities help Ukraine, supported by fxhash, Versum, #ArtForUkraine, DPZ, Organic Material, #PhotezforUkraine and many more.
  • Bobaverse – a generative NFT project, led by women, LGBTQ and minorities, dedicated to reinvesting in marginalized and disenfranchised communities and increasing the appreciation and representation of Asian cultures around the world.
  • Queer Friends and Quinley Quokka, two LGBTIQ-led collections focused on spreading a message of inclusion and acceptance, both of which have pledged a portion of their sales from current or upcoming projects to the Ukrainian Fund.



Pride flags

Pride flags
drapeaux lgbt


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bijoux lgbt
bijoux lgbt


tasse lgbt
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