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The 10 best LGBT destinations in the world

The 10 best LGBT destinations in the world

The World’s Top 10 LGBT Destinations, In  June, Gay Pride Month is celebrated  around the world  , and to commemorate together, we’ve selected the world’s top 10 LGBT   destinations   for the  queer community  to enjoy their journey! 

The 10 best LGBT destinations in the world

The 10 best LGBT destinations in the world


Melbourne  is one of the best cities to live in, not only in  Australia  but also in the world. It is therefore logical that it is also a  gay tourist destination  : it is modern and cosmopolitan, with many attractions for all audiences.

You can spend your days exploring the city and having a coffee at one of the many cafes, or visit  Fitzroy  ‘s  queer bookstore  . The gay scene is new and low-key – it’s more about creative cocktails in bars than glittery parties, although there are regular parties if you like to dance !


We’ve talked many times before on the Blog about how Canada  is  a multicultural country and embraces all ethnic groups, so Montreal couldn’t miss being on the list. Montreal  stands out for its hospitality and its rich and active cultural life. If you travel to this Canadian city, you will not be short of interesting plans for all audiences.

The famous  Gay Village  is an area that has a set of columns in the colors of the gay flag and a  Tourist Information Center  for the  L G B T community  . Do not stop:

• Walk under the glass roof of the colored balls on rue  Sainte-Catherine  .
• Stay close and in touch with Montreal’s drag queen extraordinaire,  Mado  .
• Step back in time at the vintage shops of  Amherst Street  .
•  Flirt  with passers-by from one of the many summer terraces.
• Celebrate  Montreal Pride  , the city’s annual Pride celebrations.

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San Francisco is considered the gay capital of the world. The city is a judgment-free destination known for leading the  fight  for  LGBT rights   . In the Castro district   , flags in the colors of the rainbow and a pedestrian crossing! There are over  60 gay bars and clubs  in the area, so there are plenty of attractions to choose from!

In San Francisco, you’ll also find  Pink Triangle Park  , a monument honoring  L G B T victims  of the Holocaust, and the  LGBT History Museum  , the first museum in the United States dedicated to the  queer community  . You can also take the historic  Cruisin’ the Castro tour  .


The  City of Light  has been the scene of several revolutions that have changed the history of humanity. It’s not for nothing that it’s also one of the best  L G B T destinations  in the world!

In addition to its incredible famous attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Palace of Versailles and more, in the coolest, funniest and youngest neighborhood in Paris, the Marais, you will find a variety of gay pubs and bars that celebrate the  best  of la vie!

In the area you will see old buildings and constructions from the 17th and 18th century, which adorn the town even more. In addition, you can visit the Center Pompidou museum   , have a coffee at  La Caféothèque  and buy trinkets at  BHV Marais  .


The Israeli capital is known for its vibrant nightlife, but did you know that it is also a perfect destination for the LGBT community? Well it is! 

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The people of  Tel  Aviv  celebrate  Gay  Pride  Day with a lot of partying  , where everyone is very well received, regardless of gender, ethnicity or age.

The parties are very lively, with lots of  music  ,  drinks  and  fun  . The  Evita bar  is one of the most famous in the city. After the party, during the day you can relax on the beautiful beaches of the city.


Another super multicultural city is the capital of England  ,  London. There, in addition to seeing people of various ethnicities, you can enjoy the gay attractions of the city (which is the city with the largest  L G B T Q  community  in Europe!), with over  100 bars  and  clubs  . The area to walk around is  Soho  , in the West End, where there are also restaurants, shops and cafes.

Oh, you can also stop by  Brighton  , which in August adorns its streets with flags to  celebrate  the  Brighton  Gay  Pride  Parade  ! It is the largest in the country.


As much as L G B T Q wrestling   has recently taken hold in South Africa and the African continent,  Cape Town  has a pretty strong gay scene.

South Africa legalized gay marriage in  2006  and has since opened the doors to an incredible  queer community! The  Gay Pride  Parade  is the largest  on the continent and the party does not stop there, in December the Mother City Queer Project is celebrated  ,  a  parade full of color and brightness.


Thailand is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. However, it should be noted that the country has always been very open to  L G B T Q rights  .

The Gay Pride Parade party  has been  celebrated since the  1990s  where  funds  are raised for foundations that fight for the cure  of  AIDS  . With various psychological aid projects, there are many houses and spaces dedicated to supporting members of the community.

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Beautiful beaches and an  L G B T Q  friendly destination? What are you waiting for ?


You still have one European country to visit: the Dutch capital is one of the first to legalize same-sex marriage! Amsterdam is already known for its diverse lifestyle, with pharmacies and sex shops, but its  L G B T Q attractions  are plentiful too.

The  Gay  Pride  Parade is one of the largest  on the continent, with nearly half a million people celebrating free love! There are also bars, discos, cafeterias and other services dedicated to the community.


San Francisco started with the gay scene  in the United States  and around the world, but since the 1970s Fort Lauderdale has also been a very popular destination for members of the gay community.

When there are no official events to celebrate  gay pride  , you can stay at one of over 100  queer resorts  in the city! The beaches are also super nice and receptive, like  Sebastian Beach  . Oh! Don’t forget to stay in the most  gay-friendly area  of ​​them all:  Wilton Manors  !

It was our pick for the best LGBT destinations in the world. 



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