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LGBTQ issues – Does age have a role in how people react

LGBTQ issues – Does age have a role in how people react

LGBTQ issues – Does age have a role in how people react

Does age have a role in how people react to LGBTQ issues ?

LGBTQ Issues – Does age have a role in how people react; When LGBTQ issues are raised, responses can vary widely. Of course, some of the differences are based on the specific problem in question, there are a host of other factors that impact how individuals respond – including age.

First, it’s important to recognize that people, in general, will be reluctant to accept the unknown. The much older people were brought up in a time when LGBTQ issues were not public. In fact, many of those who identified as LGBTQ weren’t ‘out’. Discrimination was so extensive (much worse than today) that individuals simply hid their true identity.

Prior to 1960, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders included homosexuality. No wonder people weren’t openly gay. In fact, the Stonewall Riots, which took place in 1969, may have been many people’s first introduction to even the idea of ​​gay rights.

Over time, the LGBTQ community has grown and made great strides in achieving very basic rights. But, things are not “equal” and unfortunately, discrimination and violence exist. That said, young people, in general, tend to be more tolerant — perhaps because they grew up in a society where being LGBTQ is more visible.

Of course, some young people are just as closed-minded as the older generation. This is often the result of their upbringing. When raised in an environment where parents and grandparents are unwilling to support LGBTQ issues, it’s no surprise that young people can share their views.

Support for LGBTQ issues

Likewise, because young people have been more exposed to the LGBTQ community and many may count those who identify as LGBTQ among their friends or family, they may be more supportive of their issues. They have seen, firsthand, that who you love is less important than whether you are capable of loving and that everyone who loves should have equal rights.

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Additionally, they may be more accepting of different identities, including those regarding gender. Again, gender identity is a personal issue – an extremely important issue for that specific person, their friends and family. But outside of this group, people are people, and accepting them for who they are in general seems easier for those who are younger.  

So many behaviors are learned, and the fact that younger generations as a whole are more tolerant than older ones bodes well for our community. As more people are willing to share their true selves and more people accept them, the community will have more support for the LGBTQ issues that matter most to them.



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