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Gay travel : Plan your trip in 2023

Gay travel : Plan your trip in 2023

Gay Travel – Everything you need to know about gay travel, including all the practical advice around the world as a gay couple.

Throughout our relationship, we have had the chance to visit more than 80 countries on 5 continents…  and there are still so many more that we want to explore.

Gay Travel: Everything you need to know to plan your trip in 202 3

In other words, you must t realize that there are many countries where being gay is not only illegal, it can even get you  executed… ahem – Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran to name one little…! Even for places where being gay is legal, homophobia is still prevalent in much of society like in Russia, Indonesia, Poland and  many  more…

Unlike our straight friends when they go on a trip, we have to factor in a WHOLE extra layer of considerations –  is it legal to be gay there? Is it safe for me to be openly gay? Can I sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend? Can I kiss my boyfriend on the cheek without fearing a violent attack? Can I hold her hand without risking my life ?

When we travel together,  can we just be ourselves ?

This is  gay travel  !

Gay travel is about being able to travel safely and freely as an LGBTQ person without having to hide who you are. It also means different things to different people in our wonderfully diverse LGBTQ universe.

For example, a gay family will want to know if it is safe for, say, two mothers to travel with their child without fear of discrimination, and  transgender travelers will be worried at the airport  if their passport’s gender presentation does not match. to the presentation in person presentation or if the security body scanners work on a binary system.

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How to travel gay safely ?

Safety is paramount when traveling as an LGBTQ person. Before heading to a new destination, here are the “safety checks” we always perform and recommend you follow :

1. Is it legal to be gay ?

Unfortunately, there are many places in the world where homosexuality is either illegal or so taboo that it could get you killed. Even some of  the most gay-friendly countries  in the world have pockets of homophobia where you have to be careful not to be too open to avoid getting into trouble. Therefore, the first thing we always do is check the legal status of homosexuality in the destination you are about to visit.

Our starting point is the  Wikipedia LGBT rights page  for this destination where you can scroll to the end of the article for a concise summary table of key LGBTQ laws, which includes the legal status of homosexuality, a reference to anti-discrimination laws, etc. . While some may argue that anti-gay laws in countries like Malaysia  ,  Singapore  , and Sri Lanka  are rarely enforced, the fact is that they exist in the first place and ultimately validate victimization towards our LGBTQ community by local gangs. and corrupt police. 

2. Is it safe to be openly gay?

There are many countries where being gay is not illegal, but homosexuality is such a taboo that being open would make it extremely dangerous, especially in places like  Russia  , Poland, and  Indonesia  . In each of these countries, homosexuality is legal, but the respective governments of each have instead passed archaic laws to suppress the local LGBTQ community in different ways.

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For example, in Russia,  Putin passed the Anti-Propaganda Law in 2013  that prohibits the promotion of homosexuality among those under 18. In Poland, the newly elected government in July 2020 won the elections by supporting the notion of “  LGBT-free zones  ”. across the country, and in Indonesia, the government is seeking to introduce a law that  would force LGBTQ people to enter drug treatment centers  !

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For LGBTQ travelers, this presents an immediate safety risk, not to mention a morality issue. While it may be easy for me and Seby to travel pretending to be ‘friends’, staying in the closet, it certainly doesn’t seem right to do so !

3. What is the official government travel advice ?

We strongly recommend that you consult your government’s official guidance for the destination you are about to visit. The US State Department publishes its  travel advisory page  for every location in the world, which is always updated, as does the  UK government’s travel advice  . A travel insurance claim may be voided if you have not followed official government advice.

For more official LGBTQ-specific travel advice, see the  US government’s LGBTI travelers page  as well as the  UK government’s LGB&T travel page  .

4. Are your passport and papers in order ?

Most destinations require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months, so check this beforehand. Transgender travelers should ensure their passports are as up-to-date as possible to minimize problems at the airport regarding things like their name or gender.

 Is it safe to use gay dating apps ?

When it comes to gay dating apps, be extremely careful when using them abroad, especially when it comes to catfishing and fake profiles. We have certainly seen many people create fake accounts using our photos/identity on many occasions!

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A few handy safety tips – always get photos and a phone number, and only agree to meet in a public place first. Ultimately, follow your intuition. If it’s not right, it’s for a reason! We highly recommend checking out  Grindr’s safety tips for   more valuable advice.

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