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Polyamory flag meaning

Polyamory flag meaning, and these other variations.

Polyamory Flag Meaning : Jim Evans’ Polyamory Pride Flag

The poly pride flag consists of three equal horizontal stripes of color with a symbol in the center of the flag. The colors of the stripes, from top to bottom, are as follows: blue, representing openness and honesty between all the partners with whom we conduct our multiple relationships; red, representing love and passion; and black, representing solidarity with those who, despite being open and honest with all participants in their relationships, must hide those relationships from the outside world due to societal pressures. The symbol in the center of the flag is a golden Greek lowercase letter ‘pi’, like the first letter of ‘polyamory’. The gold color of the letter represents the value one places on emotional attachment to others, whether the relationship is friendly or romantic in nature.
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Pansexual flag meaning :

  • Blue represents honesty and sincerity among all loves.
  • Red represents love and passion.
  • Black represents solidarity with people who have to hide their polyamory status from society.
  • The Greek letter ‘pi’, in the center, is like the ‘p’ that begins the word polyamory. And its golden color represents the value we place on emotional connections, rather than just sexual ones.

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Polyamory flag

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  • The flag is multicolored (blue-red-black striped with a golden Pi).
  • It has a white border on the left side.
  • With 2 metal eyelets.
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Polyamory Pride Flag

  • The Polyamorous Pride Flag was designed by Jim Evans. The blue stripe represents openness and honesty with all partners a person is in a relationship with, red represents love and passion, and black represents solidarity with polyamorous people who cannot date.

Polyamory Flag

symbols representing polyamory

There are several ways to represent polyamory through symbols and flags and here we tell you what their meanings are.

Because love is diverse, there are many ways to love and one of them is polyamory  ,  an increasingly common practice that even already has its own  flags  and  symbols  with  different meanings  . KNOW THE MEANING OF ALL THE LGBT+ FLAGS THAT EXIST.

But what is polyamory ?

Polyamory is a way of living and relating to other individuals which, according to Renee Divine, an American therapist specializing in sex and relationships, consists of allowing yourself the  possibility of falling in love with several people at the same time  . Those who practice polyamory can bond with multiple people and have multiple relationships. 

What symbols represent it ?

There are 2 symbols and 3 flags to represent polyamory. The most common of these is a  heart drawn by a red line, which represents love, and a blue infinity symbol  . This symbol alludes to the endless possibilities that exist to fall in love with different people. The other symbol is simply to use the Greek letter pi (π)  ,  which stands for the initial “p” in the word polyamory .

Polyamorous flags combine the above symbols with different colors, each with their respective meanings. The first flag dates back to 1995 and was created by Jim Evans. It consists of a  red stripe in the center which represents love  . Above is placed the letter pi which represents one of the symbols of polyamory. Above includes a  blue stripe that alludes to honesty with bonds of love  . And underneath, there’s a  black band alluding to social prejudice  .

Polyamory flag

A variation of this flag uses the same colors, but replacing the pi symbol with the heart and infinity.

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infinity heart vary flag
infinity heart vary flag

Finally,  the third of the polyamorous flags takes up the symbol of the heart and infinity  . However, it uses a different range of colors. He uses  lime green to represent growth, Irish green to represent balance, sky blue to hint at freedom and a darker blue to symbolize confidence.

Another flag that represents polyamory
Another flag that represents polyamory

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Polyamory flag

Did you already know the meaning of the flags and symbols that represent polyamory ?



Pride flags

Pride flags
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bijoux lgbt


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