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Trans Vikings and lesbian pirates

Trans Vikings and lesbian pirates

Trans Vikings and lesbian pirates : What is 'queering the past' ?

In a remarkable revelation, the North Hertfordshire Museum in Britain redefined the historical narrative of Roman Emperor Elagabalus, recognizing her as a transgender woman. This significant shift follows a detailed examination of ancient texts, prompting the museum to adopt she/her pronouns in all future references to the third-century ruler. Intriguingly, historical accounts depict Elagabalus expressing a desire to be addressed with feminine titles such as “lady,” “mistress,” and “queen.” This reinterpretation sparks a wider conversation about the practice of re-examining history through an LGBTQ+ lens, often termed “queering the past.” To understand the nuances of this approach, let’s delve into the concept of ‘queering the past’ and its implications. Read full article

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