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U.S. Census Bureau Proposes LGBTQ+ Inclusion in American Community Survey

Census Bureau LGBTQ+ Survey U.S.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion in American Community Survey

The U.S. Census Bureau has proposed to the Biden administration the inclusion of questions about sexual orientation and gender identity for individuals aged 15 and above in the American Community Survey, which annually collects data from about 3.5 million households on various topics. This initiative aims to understand disparities within the LGBTQ+ community, such as challenges based on race, gender, and location, and to monitor the effects of stigma, discrimination, laws, and policies on equality. The proposed questions would allow respondents to identify their sexual orientation and gender identity, expanding beyond the current focus on same-sex couples. However, the survey’s reliance on proxy responses could lead to potential misrepresentation, especially among younger LGBTQ+ individuals who haven’t disclosed their status to family members. Read the full source

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