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What does the letter Q mean in Lgbtq ?

What does the letter Q mean in Lgbtq ?

What is the Q in Lgbtq ?

What does LGBTQ mean

What is the Q in LGBTQ ? :

And yes the acronym of the LGBT community has changed since the beginning of LGBT to LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIA +, some can be difficult to find and we can understand them.

To start, here is a simple definition of the term LGBTQ.

LGBTQ definition :

LGBT(Q) is an acronym referring to people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans identity or queer. The + includes other identities and orientations.

For more details you can read our complete article on the definitions of the term LGBTQIA+

How do you know if you are queer ? 

Queer Definition  :

The word “queer” is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “weird” or “weird”. It was originally used as an insult to homosexuals. In the late 1980s, people from the LGBTQ+ community renamed it a symbol of protest and self-determination in the face of social norms of gender and sexuality. Today, the term can be used to designate “any person or identity that violates the norms that construct heterosexual and cis-normative social models” (CCGQ, 2014, p.21). a queer person can For example:

– Do not adhere to the duality of gender and sexuality (feminine versus masculine; heterosexual versus gay) and define themselves outside the traditional categories of gender and sexuality, or;
– Refuse to be labeled based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

And yes the acronym of the LGBT community has changed since the beginning of LGBT to LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIA +, some can be difficult to find and we can understand them.

The term “Queer” can also be replaced by allosexual.le or altersexual.le. It is an umbrella term with fluid meanings that covers all sexual orientations and gender identities. Its use makes it possible to affirm a difference without strictly defining it. Many LGBTQ+ people, despite not adhering to binary labels of gender and sexuality and rejecting labels, do not identify with the term queer. It is important to identify who the person chooses to be.

For more details you can read our article on the complete history of the word Queer

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Queer lgbtqia flag 90×150
Queer flag 90×150

Who created LGBT ?

The LGBT movement is now everywhere in France and in major European cities, but this movement for the defense of individual rights, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, has not always existed. Enrich your sports culture and find out who created the LGBT movement. You will find that it is far from being the work of an activist…

It is a lawyer from Hanover, who is the first to propose an association of homosexuals.

The first great gay activist is Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895),

It was in the year 1897 in Berlin that the “Wissenschaftlich-humanitäre Komitee” was created. Behind this acronym designating the “Scientific Humanitarian Committee” in German hides the very  first organization in the world aimed at defending homosexual rights . We owe the creation of this committee to four people, who are:

  • Magnus Hirschfeld (sexologist, the one who initiated the movement);
  • Eduard Oberg (lawyer);
  • Franz Joseph von Bülow (writer);
  • Max Spohr (editor).

We can therefore say that Magnus Hirschfeld is one of those  who created the LGBT movement . Among the goals of these activists was the abolition of  paragraph 175 , an article of the German Penal Code which condemned male homosexuality. A certain tolerance was nevertheless present although unstable. Homosexuals, for example, had bars and a dedicated magazine. France did not wait to have its review too. Akademos  was indeed founded in 1909. 

What is the Q in Lgbtq

 The first known homosexual organization in the USA was the Society for Human Rights, which was founded in Chicago in 1924. The group was founded by Henry Gerber, a German immigrant and gay rights activist, and it was initially called the Society for Human Rights and the German Friendship Society. The group aimed to promote and protect the rights of homosexuals, and it published a newsletter called “Friendship and Freedom”. Unfortunately, the organization faced persecution from the authorities and was forced to disband after just a few months of operation. However, it is considered an important milestone in the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement in the United States.



End of 1952 and beginning of 1954: Here are the dates of creation of the review Futur Arcadie (André Baudry is at the origin of the review). France: A pioneering country in the fight for gay rights and especially lesbian rights, while the gay fight in Germany is centered on men. In this country, lesbian activism began in feminist circles but in France, lesbian activism took on a more important place very early on, in particular thanks to intellectuals., Held by Natalie Clifford Barney From 1909 to 1939 a Salon des femmes artistes, an American woman of letters. Many of the women present were lesbians.

  • Marsha P. Johnson ;
  • Guy Hocquenghem ;
  • Francoise d’Eaubonne;
  • Monica Wittig.



Pride flags

Pride flags
drapeaux lgbt


bijoux lgbt
bijoux lgbt


tasse lgbt
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