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The bisexual flag 

The bisexual flag

The bisexual flag 

bi flag meaning
bi flag meaning

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Dual meaning flag:

The magenta (pink) band at the top of the  flag  represents sexual attraction for the same gender and/or sex. The royal blue stripe at the bottom of the  flag  represents sexual attraction to the gender and/or opposite sex.

What is the Bi flag ?

The bisexual flag 

The bisexual flag – The Bi Flag, or bisexual flag is a symbol of visibility inspired by the Rainbow Flag, and in turn it inspired the Trans Flag – it was imagined twenty years ago in 1998 by Michael Page who took the colors of the existing bi triangle symbols and turned them into oblongs. Hey poof – flag !

Page posted the design on the now defunct Bi Cafe website and it spread around the world from there – it’s the most successful bi symbol of all time.

There’s a big history of the flag at Biscuit : A Brief History of the Bi Flag

As a symbol of visibility, the flag is unmatched because it is so simple – three colors with no shapes, just like stripes. It can be conjured with three items of the correct color, much like the Rainbow and Trans flags.

bi flag meaning

This is extremely important for signaling our identities to each other and for bisexual people to find our communities.

As Page’s original Bi Flag site is long gone, here are some images of the flag in different resolutions and shapes you can use, along with variations.

You don’t have to use the exact colors  – and they can be hard to find, but three stripes in pink, purple and blue will work. For historical colors, see  Bisexual Pride Flag on Wikipedia  . Remember that the purple band is narrower!

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These are the colors most commonly used for the Bi Flag – Bisexual Flag

BOOM! He’s there. The bisexual pride flag in all its glory. Here are all the details you need to know about it.

1. Yes, we have our own flag. 

Who knew ?

2. Michael Page designed the bisexual flag.

He noticed that the majority of Bi+ people felt less connected to the rainbow Pride flag and wanted to create a flag with symbols that all Bi+ people could rally around. 

3. The color scheme is borrowed from another bi pride symbol. 

Page used two overlapping triangles as a symbol of bisexuality and pride. 

These  bracelets  were designed by Liz Nania as she helped organize the nation’s first bisexual contingent for the 1987 March on Washington, according to Los Angeles-based art historian Andrew Campbell, author of Queer  x Design  . He told Deezen that “they are a powerful expression of LGBTQ design intelligence . The design takes the triangle as a starting point. The pink triangle was used by the Nazis during World War II to mark male homosexuals. Lesbians _were categorized with a black triangle along with other ‘asocials’ such as sex workers and ‘non-conformists’. Nania layered pink and blue triangles, each representing one pole of the normative gender binary. The space of their overlap is a deep purple, made from the combination of pink and blue. This overlap communicates inclusivity in terms of potentially adored play. with powerful LGBTQ symbology .” It later became the basis for Page’s Bi+ Pride Flag.

4. Colors have meaning. 

bisexual lgbt flag
bisexual lgbt flag

The top 40% of the flag is pink, the middle 20% is purple, and the bottom 40% is blue. The different colors represent the attraction for several genders. Later adopted by AIDS activist group ACT UP as a badge of solidarity and pride in the 1980s Pink alludes to pink triangles. The purple was an allusion to the “violet menace” (or “lavender menace”), another slang term for the bi+ lbut the blue is added both because it reflects the overlap of several genders, but also, explains bi+ activist Cynthia Connors, “because he makes the flag, and the original biangles where the colors come from, a bit of a gender binary joke. And the Bi+ community could never resist a pun or a joke.”

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5. Unveiled December 5, 1998.

Which makes him just over 22 years old. 

6. It’s absolutely stunning. 

Let your Bi+ flag fly.




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