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Gay Fishnet T-Shirt


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Gay Fishnet T-Shirt

An ecological choice

By choosing this nylon mesh t-shirt, you are also making an ecological choice. Nylon mesh is a durable material that can be recycled, making it a greener alternative to traditional fabrics. Plus, the t-shirt is made from organic cotton, which is better for the planet and for textile workers.

Gay Fishnet T-Shirt

A trendy and original look

This nylon mesh t-shirt is an original choice for people looking to add a touch of unique style to their wardrobe. The nylon mesh is very fashionable and allows optimal ventilation, making it an ideal choice for sports activities or hot days.


Comfortable and versatile

Made from quality materials, this nylon mesh t-shirt is not only comfortable, but also versatile. It can be worn in different ways to create unique looks. Wear it over a top for a layered look or under a shirt to add a touch of texture.


A daily commitment
The quality of our colored products is the first of our concerns. Our goal: 100% customer satisfaction. This is why we constantly pursue our efforts to maintain the highest level of quality.

Size Information:
Size: M/L/XL
Unit: CM

Bust 46 48 50
64 66 68

40 41 42
sleeve length
16 16 16


Product Name

Gay Fishnet T-Shirt

Category T-shirt / Garment
Size  M | L | XL |
Matière Polyester
Coloris Black



M, L, XL


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