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Dog tag lgbt flag necklace





Dog tag lgbt flag necklace

Affirm your identity and your belonging to the LGBT community   with this rainbow-coloured military dog ​​tag style necklace !

The Rainbow Striped Dog Tag LGBT Necklace is a stylish, colorful necklace that celebrates the love and diversity of the LGBT community. Our LGBT rainbow stripe plaques are perfect for anyone looking to keep the flame of hope alive. Keep LGBTQ people in your thoughts with this elegant and poignant reminder. By wearing it, you are declaring that you care about equality and the future of the world.

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The quality of our colored products is the first of our concerns. Our goal: 100% customer satisfaction. This is why we constantly pursue our efforts to maintain the highest level of quality.


Show your support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with stylish, high-quality products. Buy now and join the fight for equality and visibility !

Product Name Dog tag lgbt flag necklace
Category Necklace, Jewelry
Size 60 CM
Matter Steel
Colors rainbow/silver



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