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Mexico third-gender ‘muxe’ festival

Mexico third-gender ‘muxe’ festival

In the vibrant heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, the city of Juchitan became a kaleidoscope of color and celebration as the third-gender ‘muxe’ community held a grand festival. This weekend event, reverently known as a “vela,” was not just a festivity—it was a statement of resilience and solidarity within the LGBTQ spectrum, especially in these times of recent setbacks. The streets of Juchitan were alive with music and dance, creating a tapestry of joyful defiance. A highlight of the festival was a pageant, where muxes adorned in traditional attire showcased the rich tapestry of their identity. In the indigenous Zapotec culture of this region, a muxe is an individual assigned male at birth, embodying a unique blend of gay and feminine characteristics. “Our language knows no gender,” declared Felina Santiago, a revered figure in Juchitan’s muxe community. “Our existence is as old as time, and our spirit, unyielding. Read full article

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