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Lady Gaga in Fortnite Concert

Lady Gaga in Fortnite Concert

Lady Gaga in Fortnite Concert

A Fusion of Music and Gaming with Lady Gaga

In an exciting development for fans and gamers alike, especially those at the unique intersection of both worlds, Lady Gaga is set to headline the second season of the Fortnite Festival. This revelation indicates that the pop icon has finally embraced the Fortnite phenomenon.

A Brief Encounter with Fortnite

Lady Gaga’s journey with Fortnite, though seemingly brief, is memorable, marked by a tweet in 2019 asking, “What’s Fortnite?” without further elaboration. On Tuesday, she hinted at her upcoming participation in the game by referencing this viral tweet alongside a sneak peek of her in-game avatar. Fortnite officially confirmed Lady Gaga as the lead act for Fortnite Festival’s season 2 on Wednesday. The festival, a rhythm game within the popular video game introduced last December featuring The Weeknd as its initial headliner, transforms the main stage into a space reminiscent of Guitar Hero or Rock Band but stars pop icons. Additionally, the Fortnite Jam Stage encourages players to craft their song mashups and remixes. Read full article

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