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Homophobic Incident at Jersey City Gay Bar

Homophobic Incident at Jersey City Gay Bar

Homophobic Incident at Jersey City Gay Bar

Incident at Pint

A man allegedly made homophobic remarks and assaulted an employee at Pint, a gay bar in Jersey City. The incident, which occurred on September 27, involved the man questioning the presence of a Rainbow Flag in the bar’s window and launching into a hateful tirade upon learning it was a gay bar.

Investigation Underway

Jersey City police are investigating the incident. The man, who has not been publicly identified, allegedly used slurs against staff and patrons. The bar’s co-owner, Wolf Sterling, stated that this was the first time such an incident had occurred at Pint, emphasizing that it does not reflect the inclusive nature of Jersey City.

Community Support

The incident has sparked support for the bar from the community. Jersey City Councilmember James Solomon reiterated that hate has no place in Jersey City. The incident is part of an alarming trend of anti-LGBTQ+ incidents in the area, underscoring the need for vigilance and solidarity.

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